Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still have a lot to learn

Sometimes I ask myself why I am still not posting anything about DSP. DSP has been my most loved subject in school. I have this strong feeling that there's something in it. I don't know what that something is but I want to find it out. However, I didn't learn anything from the class and almost flunked it. But the feeling is still there. There are a lot of books that explains about it but my problem with them is that there are too many dumb equations because I can't understand what they are telling me. When I come across FPGA, I tried to search about its applications. I was so thrilled to see that dsp is one of them. I thought that maybe fpga can help me see beyond those equations and understand the concept behind them. If I can make it help me visualize what the equation parameters do to a certain phenomena, then I will better understand the power of dsp and manipulate the math. The drive is so much I cannot ignore it. Until I watched the movie Babe and heard the narrator say, "But farmer Hogget knew that little ideas that tickled and nagged and refuse to go away should never be ignored for in them lie the seeds of destiny."

Yeaaaaaaah..I still have a lot to learn and the things I post here may seem little steps. But they will take me there. DSP is hard. It becomes much harder when you code it in hardware. I think I must master fpga first and insert some math, and more math and complicated math and more complicated math..until I reach dsp. Takes long time, eh? But still I will take these teeny-weeny steps. At least they keep me moving forward...

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