Saturday, September 20, 2008

VHDL Part 50 : Accessing the Serial Port

I was such in a hurry that time when I had just finished porting the search algorithm I was working on to VHDL. It ran in the FPGA board but the results I see are on the LEDs. I cannot check the output with the LEDs since they are fast even if I had set the clock so slow for me to see the transitions I still cannot read with it. To be sure, I was adviced by my teammate to read the serial port using Matlab®. My inputs will be generated by a counter that with each count, it will give the necessary inputs to my main block. To do that I first need a UART transmitter and use the push-down button on the FPGA board as my clock. In using the push-down button as the clock, I need to add a debouncing circuit to control it because one push could give several clocks. This is what I did to access the serial port on the FPGA board I am using.

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