Saturday, September 20, 2008

VHDL Part 51 : Debouncer

I find debouncing circuits very handy. Not only when I checked the test vector outputs of my design, but whenever I need to use a signal's event to trigger another signal. Debouncing solves the problem I encountered whenever I use the mechanical switches in the FPGA board particularly the push buttons. Mechanical switch bounces that when I push it once,  the output could be three times the supposed signal. Good thing, I tried the Xilinx ISE 9.2i in-depth guide before, I learned that ISE has a template for a debouncer. Templates are accessed by the icon below.
On the tree at the left of the Language Templates subwindow, expand VHDL, then Synthesis Constructs > Coding Examples > Misc > Debounce Circuits. I played with the code trying to put the statement for the output within the clock statement. I also inverted the signals used to solve the output. Debouncers have been very useful to me.

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